Our workshop is situated in Laholm, ca 160km south of Gothenburg and 130km north of Malmö, on the Swedish west coast. Our facilities are equipped for machining, welding, mechanical repairs of pumps, fans, valves etc. Furthermore we have an electrical workshop where we design and build starter cabinets, process regulation units and we service electric motors etc. 









Pipe Systems

We are installing, repairing and servicing most types of pipe systems on board ships, rigs and in shore based industries. Our staff has extensive experience in working on off-shore projects as well as on ship yards and as riding crews.

We provide competent and certified personnel for work with e.g. the following pipe materials.

  • GRE (NOV, Futurepipe, Fiberdur)
  • Stainless (316)
  • Stainless (incl Duplex and SMO)
  • Black steel
  • Cunifer
  • Copper & Brass
  • PE

We have a complete team dedicated for Scrubber installations, including GRE-Fitters, Welders, Electricians, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Pipe Fitters and General Pipe Fitters. Furthermore we carry out Project Management for complete Re-fits and Conversions.




Pressure testing

Our pressure testing team consists of very experienced Pipe Fitters and trained Engineers. Pressure testing requires a high level of safety and quality awareness, as well as thorough knowledge in pipe system design and process function. Our team is pressure testing everything from low pressure cooling water systems to Oil & Gas Subsea hydraulic equipment at 1000 bar and above. 


Welding & Steel Repairs

Our team of Welders is proficient in welding everything from black steel and general steel constructions to High Grade Stainless steel alloys. We are maintaining valid certification for all our Welders and have a quality system in force that ensures that the applicable rules and classification requirements are met.

We use all the common welding methods such as

  • MMA
  • TIG
  • MIG
  • AC/OX


Mechanical Maintenance & Repairs

Our team of Mechanic’s is led by Project Leaders and/or Foremen with vast experience as shipboard Engineers or Fitters. It is important to us that the manager in charge is familiar with shipboard operations and has an understanding of a vessel’s technical day to day operations.

We will carry out installations, repairs and maintenance of

  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Winches


Custom built units

We are designing and building customized units for industries and the Offshore and Marine industries upon request.

Examples of custom built units are:

  • Heat chambers for curing plastic details
  • Refrigeration/Air handling units
  • Hydraulic High Pressure units and winches